Arthritis and Joint problemsArthritis is a condition which results in degeneration of the joints. There are a number of types of arthritis. The most common type of arthritis is osteoarthritis which is degeneration of the joints due to ‘wear and tear’. This wear and tear is not necessarily due to age, rather posture and lifestyle. The degeneration that occurs particularly in the spine can be the result of abnormal loading on the vertebrae resulting from poor posture. This arthritis can be stopped if the posture of the spine is corrected, hence correcting the biomechanics and restoring correct loading to the spine. Although many people associate pain with arthritis, it is quite common to see arthritis in the spine, particularly the neck, with no pain or obvious symptoms. It is not until x-rays have been done that it becomes obvious there is arthritis in the spine.  Most people think that arthritis is age related, and while the older you are the higher the chance  of developing arthritis, it ultimately comes down to your lifestyle and any traumas you have experience which then affect your spine’s posture. It is possible to have no or very little arthritis into your 50’s and beyond. It is also possible to have advanced arthritis in your 20’s and 30’s. The only way of knowing is through x-rays. Once x-rays are taken, it is possible to ascertain the degree of arthritis and also the plan of action to stop it getting worse. From a chiropractic point of view, we will work to correct the spinal posture back to as close to normal biomechanics to remove the loading on the spine that is causing the arthritis.

Chiropractic Care

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  • Arthritis and Joint Problems

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