We use gentle and safe chiropractic techniques which are scientifically tested and proven to achieve optimal health for you.  We don’t just focus on the symptoms.  Rather we want to alleviate the symptoms, then go further and address the cause of the problem so that the symptoms do not return

Flexion distraction
small-Flexion DistractionFlexion – Distraction is a specialised technique that addresses and relieves the pressure on nerves due to bulging discs or disc herniation. The commonly known ailment of sciatica is caused by this pressure on the nerves. As well as pain, other more serious symptoms associated with sciatica can be pins and needles, numbness, muscle weakness and possible loss of muscle control resulting in things like foot drop. We often treat those patients who have been everywhere and received no relief and no answers to their problems. When it comes to lower back Disc injuries, flexion-distraction has allowed us to achieve some amazing results.  We have even prevented some patients from having highly invasive surgery, which ultimately is no guarantee of improving their symptoms long term.

Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP)
small-CBPCBP focuses on correcting the posture back to the proper biomechanical model of the spine. Research has shown that when the posture of the spine is not in the correct biomechanical model, a lot of stress is put on the spine and spinal cord causing things like arthritis, and interference to the nervous system. This results in symptoms like pain but also systemically affects the entire body by not allowing proper information to get to the body and back to the brain. This technique is probably the most researched chiropractic technique in the world with many scientific papers backing up the results achieved through this technique.

small-DiversifiedDiversified is a very popular technique used to segmentally adjust the spine and peripheral joints.  Segmental adjustment basically means it targets specific joints in the body and removes the restriction of those joints. This can bring immediate relief to the patient, restoring nerve flow and blood flow to the affected area. Generally a combination of CBP and diversified is used in our clinic.

small-ActivatorWe use the activator as an adjusting tool, but we don’t use the activator method.  The activator is useful for stubborn joints, osteoporotic patients or when patients prefer this technique.